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Statistics Graduate Degree Program Alumni



Year Program Advisor Current Appointment Email Address
Colin Dawson 2017 PhD Jacobus Bernard Department of Mathematics, Oberlin College
John Bear 2016 PhD Dean Billheimer
Brent Marinan 2016 MS Nicole Kersting MS Management Information Systems, University of Arizona
John Wauters 2016 MS Yue (Selena) Niu
Sean Ashley 2016 MS non-thesis PhD Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
Fang Fang 2016 PhD Daoqin Tong
Ruoyu Huang 2016 MS non-thesis
Kurt Michels 2015 PhD Hao (Helen) Zhang HTG Diagnostics
Sara Ziebell 2015 MS Lingling An
Warren Smith 2015 MS Jacobus Bernard Raytheon Missile Systems
Julia Fisher 2015 MS Walter Piegorsch PhD Linguistics, University of Arizona
Michael Sohn 2015 PhD Lingling An Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pennsylvania
Hakeem Abdul Wahab 2015 MS Lingling An PhD Statistics, University of Iowa
Xuan Barletta 2015 MS non-thesis
Dominic LaRoche 2015 MS non-thesis PhD Biostatistics, University of Arizona
Hyeonju Kim 2015 PhD Rabi Bhattacharya Postdoctoral Fellow, Tennessee Health Center
Buck Fisk 2015 MS non-thesis
Benjamin Pope 2015 MS Daoqin Tong PhD Biostatistics, University of Arizona
Wei Dai 2014 MS non-thesis Computational Engineering, Harvard University
Qijun Fang 2014 PhD Walter Piegorsch Ventana Medical Systems
Brian Mannakee 2014 MS Ryan Gutenkunst PhD Biostatistics, University of Arizona
Pookhao Naruekamol  2014 MS Lingling An Director, Institute of Research Development and Innovation for Industry, The Federation of Thai Industries
Nellie Gopaul 2013 MS Jacobus Bernard Lecturer, Northern Arizona University
Isaac Jenkins 2013 MS Lingling An Statistical Research Associate in Clinical Biostatistics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
Mingyang Li 2013 MS non-thesis PhD Systems & Industrial Engineering, University of Arizona
Donelle Mickevicius 2013 MS non-thesis Afton Chemical
Zhenrui Wang 2013 MS Yue Niu Data Scientist in @Walmartlabs
Chi Yuan 2013 MS non-thesis Postdoctoral Associate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
Philip Stevenson 2012 MS Nicole Kersting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center  
Alissa Tever 2011 MS Walter Piegorsch Ticket Sales Analyst, Arizona Diamondbacks
Wehnai Chen 2010 MS non-thesis Citibank


Last updated 4 Apr 2017