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Statistics GIDP Faculty & Research Interests

Regular Members Regular Members of the GIDP in Statistics are those University faculty and staff involved in teaching core Statistics courses, directing M.S. and Ph.D. students in the GIDP, and/or others who have agreed to be significantly active in the Program.


Contact Information Research Area(s) Department
Lingling An
Associate Professor
Statistical genetics/genomics; Bioinformatics; Data mining and pattern recognition. Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Satheesh Aradhyula

Associate Professor

Production Economics, Econometrics, Agricultural Policy Agriculural-Resource Economics
Jacobus (Kobus) Barnard's picture Jacobus J. (Kobus) Barnard
Machine learning; Mathematical modeling of geometric form; Multi-modal data; Statistical applications in computer vision. School of Mind, Brain and Behavior
Katherine Y. Barnes
Bayesian statistics; Causation and selection models; Empirical methods in law; Discrimination; Expert witnesses College of Law

Ed Bedrick
Professor and Program Director, Biostatistics


Analysis of observational data; Bayesian methods; Generalized linear and mixed models College of Public Health
Melanie  Bell Ph.D. Melanie L. Bell
Missing data; Longitudinal analysis; Clinical trials; Cluster randomized trials; Patient reported outcomes. College of Public Health
Rabindra N Bhattacharya

Rabindra N. (Rabi) Bhattacharya

Markov processes; Large sample theory; Statistical shape analysis; Economic theory of growth under uncertainty. Department of Mathematics
D. Dean Billheimer
Measurement and normalization, Quantitative proteomics, Statistical methods for compositional data. College of Public Health
Zhao  Chen PhD, MPH Zhao Chen  
Research study design; Longitudinal data analysis; Risk assessment. College of Public Health
Jianqiang Cheng

Jianqiang Cheng

Assistant Professor

Stochastic Programming, Semi-definite programming, as well as their applications Systems and Industrial Engineering

Peter Chesson

Mathematical ecology; Ecological statistics; Stochastic processes; Biodiversity. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Melinda F. (Mende) Davis
Research Assistant Professor
Latent variable modeling; Measurement of change; Item response theory; Health outcomes research; Statistical consulting. Psychology

Neng Fan
Assistant Professor

Methodologies in Optimization; Applied Operations Research; Data Mining and Machine Learning Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering
Ryan Gutenkunst
Assistant Professor
Computational biology, with focus on inferring history and natural selection from population genomic data and on understanding the function and evolution of complex biomolecular networks Molecular and Cellular Biology
150 in Ning Hao        
Assistant Professor
High dimensional data; Machine learning; Change point detection. Department of Mathematics
James T. (Jake) Harwood
Applied statistics in the social sciences; Hypothesis testing; Moderator and mediator effects. Department of Communications
Paul  Hsu Ph.D. Chiu-Hsieh (Paul) Hsu 
Survival analysis; Missing data; Statistical modeling. College of Public Health
Chengcheng  Hu Ph.D Chengcheng Hu     
Associate Professor
High-dimensional data; Survival analysis; Longitudinal data; Missing data; Measurement error. College of Public Health
Bonnie Hurwitz    
Assistant Professo
Systems Biology; Functional Metagenomics; Big Data; Bioinformatics; Computational Biology Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Kwang-Sung Jun

Assistant Professor

Machine Learning Computer Science
Nicole B. Kersting 
Associate Professor
Measurement and educational assessment; Item response and generalizability theory; Value-added models; Random effects models. College of Education
Haiquan Li
Assistant Professor
Biomedical big data science, Translational bioinformatics, bioinformatics, clinical informatics. Department of Medicine
Kevin Lin
Associate Professor


Stochastic nonlinear phenomena in biology and physics, especially problems from computational neuroscience and nonequilibrium statistical physics; Monte Carlo algorithms; numerical methods for stochastic differential equations; scientific computing.

Department of Mathematics

Jian Liu

Associate Professor

Dr Liu's research is in the integration of manufacturing engineering knowledge, control theory and advanced statistics for product quality and productivity improvement. His recent research focuses on system prognostic/diagnostic modeling and analysis and risk management through analyzing massive high-dimensional datasets. Systems & Industrial Engineering
Yves Lussier
Computationally personalizing the understanding and treatments of diseases; computational systems biology; computational systems medicine; computational precision medicine; statistical bioinformatics
Department of Medicine

Clayton Morrison
Associate Professor

Machine Learning, Causal Inference, Activity Recognition and Understanding, Automated Planning, Knowledge Representation, Computational Cognitive Science School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts
Yue Niu Yue (Selena) Niu     
Assistant Professor
Nonparametric statistics; Semiparametric modeling; Statistical genetics. Department of Mathematics

Jason Pacheco

Assistant Professor

Statistical machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, approximate inference algorithms, and information-theoretic decision making Computer Science
Walt Piegorsch Walter W. Piegorsch
Professor of Mathematics

Data analytics; Genomics; Environmental statistics; Risk assessment; History of statistics.

Department of Mathematics
Denise  Roe DrPH Denise J. Roe
Biostatistics. Clinical trials; Epidemiological studies; Pharmacokinetics. College of Public Health
Sunder Sethuraman Sunder Sethuraman
Professor of Mathematics
Probability; Stochastic interacting systems; Modeling in statistical physics; Random graphs; Random walks. Department of Mathematics
Alla Sikorskii
Professor, College of Nursing
Biostatistics; Study design; Measurement tools in patient-reported outcomes; Multi-stage intervention sequences. College of Nursing

Robert J. Steidl
Professor of Natural Resources

Quantitative ecology; Dynamics of animal populations; Conservation biology. School of Natural Resources and Environment

Xiaoxiao Sun                                  Assistant Professor

Medical Imaging, Nonparamatric Modelling, Computational Biology Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Xueying Tang

Assistant Professor

High dimensional Bayesian statistics, latent variable models and their application in Education and Psychology. Department of Mathematics

Bruce Walsh

Biostatistics; Statistical genetics/genomics; Mixed models; Bayesian analysis; Resampling and MCMC methods. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Joseph C. Watkins
Professor of Mathematics
Limit theorems; Statistical applications in the life sciences. Department of Mathematics
Junming Yin
Assistant Professor

Statistical machine learning; probabilistic inference; nonparametric and high-dimensional statistics;
graphical models; causal inference; business intelligence; network analysis; digital marketing; operation management; health and biology.

Management Information Sciences

Chicheng Zhang

Assistant Professor

Machine Learning, learning theory. Computer Science
Hao Helen Zhang Hao (Helen) Zhang
Nonparametric smoothing; Model selection; Data Mining; Statistical applications in biosciences and biomedicine. Department of Mathematics
Jin Zhou
Assistant Professor
Statistical genetics/genomics; Highdimensional data analysis; Mixed models; Genetic epidemiology. College of Public Health

Qiang Zhou
Assistant Professor

Industrial data analytics, System informatics and applied statistics, design analysis of computer experiments, system fault management and prognostics, statistical quality control

Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering

Afilliate Members Affiliate Members of the GIDP in Statistics are those with a general interest in statistical issues who wish to be fully informed of the Program’s operation, and who wish to engage in a limited subset of Program activities. Affiliate members often rotate to Regular status at pertinent intervals, and vice versa.

  • Ronald L. Breiger, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology. Statistical models for social network analysis; Log-linear models; Log-multiplicative models for contingency tables.
  • Emily A. Butler, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences. Multivariate time-series analysis; Multilevel modeling; Dyadic models; Social-relations modeling.
  • Robert Canales, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Public Health (Stanford University) Data mining, machine learning, analysis of complex systems; Application of Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic processes in risk analysis and environmental exposure assessment; Sensitivity analysis; Uncertainty and variability quantification
  • Andrew C. Comrie, Ph.D. Professor of Geography & Regional Development; Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Statistics of climate data; Data reduction; Spatial modeling.
  • Gautam Gowrisankaran, Ph.D. Professor of Economics. Structural econometric modeling; Applied Bayesian econometrics; Estimation of dynamic models.
  • Thomas G. Kennedy, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics; Professor of Physics. Monte Carlo simulations; Random walks.
  • Derek M. Lemoine, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics. Decision theory; Bayesian methods; Model epistemology; Complex systems; Real options.
  • Jian Liu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Systems and Industrial Engineering. Engineering statistics; Statistical quality and reliability engineering; Applied data mining.
  • Robert S. Maier, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics; Professor of Physics. Applied probability; Mathematical statistics; Limit laws and large deviation theory; Bioinformatics.
  • Joanna Monti-Masel, D.Phil. Associate Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Stochastic processes; Bayesian learning models; Theoretical population genetics; Stochasticity in gene expression.
  • David M. Meko, Ph.D. Associate Research Professor of Dendrochronology. Spectral analysis; ARMA modeling; Time series filtering; Regression.
  • Chris Segrin, Ph.D. Professor of Communication; Professor of Psychology; Professor of Family Studies; Head, Department of Communication. Meta-analysis; Longitudinal data analysis; Regression analysis; Dyadic data analysis.
  • Duane L. Sherrill, Ph.D. Professor of Public Health; Associate Dean of Research, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. Longitudinal analyses; Respiratory disease assessment; Applied data analyses; Biometry.
  • Yotam Shmargad, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the School of Information Resources and Library Science; Impacts of social media on information and market spread in user networks.
  • Subbian Vignesh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering; Software Engineering, Biomedical Data Science and Informatics, Ethics and Professional and Social Responsibility
  • Tiemen Woutersen, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics. Econometrics; Causal inference; Duration models; Inferences for partially identified parameters.



Last updated 27 Jan 2020