Stats Faculty Regular

Yong Ge

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Research Focuses: data mining, machine/deep learning, AI, recommender systems, and healthcare analytics.

Andrew Bennett

Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Research interests include computational hydrology, with a focus on deep learning, physically based models and hybrid differentiable models. Also scientific computing and open science.
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Mingyu Liang

Professor and Department Head, Physiology
The Liang group studies molecular systems medicine. e. The current work in our group focuses on three areas: (epi)genomics and precision medicine, regulatory RNA, and cellular metabolism, as they relate to hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney disease.

Liliana Salvador

Assistant Professor, Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Multidisciplinary approach to study the dynamics of zoonotic infectious diseases. We develop computational, mathematical and data-driven models to understand the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases at the wildlife, livestock and human interface.

Alexander Bucksch

Associate Professor - School of Plant Sciences
​​Our​ research is motivated by the threads that climate change imposes on the agricultural and natural plant ecosystem. Therefore, we develop imaging and simulation approaches to understand the function of natural variation in plants

Lifeng Lin

Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Dr. Lin has worked extensively on statistical methods for meta-analysis, network meta-analysis of multiple-treatment comparisons, publication bias, and Bayesian methods. He is also interested in the applications of statistical methods to real-world proble

Jingjing Liang

Assistant Research Professor, R Ken Coit College of Pharmacy
Statistical genetics and genomics, including computational methods for analyzing large-scale sequencing data, rare variant association analysis, genomics-driven drug target discovery and precision medicine