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Statistics Program News

2019 GIDP Showcase

Meng Lu and Samir Rachid Zaim represented Statistics & Data Science at the GIDP Showcase.  They did a great job of talking about their research!


Fall 2019 Events

14-Oct 3:30pm Math 501 Statistics & Data Science Colloquium 
      Speaker - Jian Liu University of Arizona
28-Oct 3:30pm Math 501 Abraham Cooper - University of Arizona
      Graduate Student Academic Services
      Degree Counselor
12-Nov 1:00pm Math 501 Statistics & Data Science Colloquium 
      Speaker - Dennis Lin, Penn State
2-Dec 3:30pm Math 501 Statistics & Data Science Colloquium 
      Speaker - Wenguang Sun, USC
9-Dec 3:30pm Math 501 Statistics & Data Science Colloquium 
      Speaker - Vladimir Minin, UC, Irvine

For more informaton on Colloquium:


2019 Statistics Recruitment Event Participants

Statistics 2019 Recruitment Event

These 6 students (and a few others) spent a few days with us.  They heard from current Grad Students and Faculty, went to the Desert Museum and did a little socializing.  We look forward to seeing some of these faces in the Fall!


Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Graduates

Miao Zhang (PhD)
David Rockoff (PhD)
Brian Hallmark (PhD)
Matthew Campbell (MS)
Nathan Hattersley (MS)
Shenghao Xia (MS)
Andrew Ream (Certificate)
David Stowell (Certificate)
Matthew Carpenter (Certificate)

Statistics Workshops featuring Dr David Hosmer

Dr. David Hosmer, Professor Emeritus UMass Amherst will present two workshops. Friday's workshop is entitled, "Applied Logistic Regression" and will be held in The Kiewit Auditorium (Room 2951) in the Leon Levy Cancer Center located at 1515 North Campbell Avenue. Saturday's workshop is, "Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data" and will be held in room A114 in Drachman Hall located at 1295 N. Martin Avenue. Workshops run from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Lunch will be served and attendees will receive a bound copy of Dr. Hosmer's slides.

GIDP Showcase

2017 GIDP Showcase - Statistics Students

Kyle Carter and Nick Lytal represented Statistics at the 2017 GIDP Showcase.

UA Tripods

The National Science Foundation (NSF) will be providing $17.7 million in funding for 12 Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) projects. The University of Arizona is proud to be one of the recipients for this NSF initiative.

UA-TRIPODS is an integrated research and educational institute to bring mathematics, statistics, and computer science communities together to develop theoretical foundations of data sciences. It also strives to build partnerships with domain sciences, local industry and business, as well as outreach to the public community. Please see the institute activities and updates at Also, see the article below on NSF awards for additional information.

New NSF awards will bring together cross-disciplinary science communities to develop foundations of data science

08/24/2017 09:00 AM EDT


Professor Sham M. Kakade at a whiteboard.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) today announced $17.7 million in funding for 12 Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) projects, which will bring together the statistics, mathematics and theoretical computer science communities to develop the foundations of data science. Conducted at 14 institutions in 11 states, these projects will promote long-term research and training activities in data science that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

"Data is ...

More at



From left to right, Biostatistics graduate students Mallorie Fiero and Kevin Doubleday, Sahuaro High School Statistics teacher Andrew Christian, and Statistics graduate student Grant Schissler. Mallorie, Kevin, and Grant, with two Statistics program faculty, received an American Statistical Association Award for Outreach. More information on their achievement is below. 

Congratulations to our Spring 2017 program graduates!

Michael Borghese (Certificate)
Jiali Han (MS)
Gabe Harris (Certificate)
Grant Schissler (PhD)
Shripad Sinari (Certificate)
Weide Wang (Certificate)
Shenghao Xia (Certificate)
Haomiao Yang (MS)
Yifei Yuan (MS)
Yue Zeng (PhD)
Renee Zhang (Certificate)
Erin Zylstra (MS)


Student and Faculty Publications, Presentations, and Awards

Our students and faculty have been busy! Below are just a few of the recent outstanding achievements of members of Statistics program. 

Miao Zhang (PhD program) and Qike Li (PhD program) received Herbert E. Carter Travel Awards to fund their trips to the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Baltimore, MD, July 29-August 3, 2017. Congratulations, Miao and Qike!

Helen Zhang (Professor, Mathematics) was selected as a 2016 Fellow by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences for her influential contributions to nonparametric statistics, feature selection, high-dimensional statistics, and machine learning and data mining; and for her excellent service to the profession. Fellows will be presented at the IMS Presidential Address and Awards session at World Congress in Toronto.

Peter Chesson (Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) has been named a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.  This honorary title recognizes exceptional contributions to the discipline. Fellows are elected for life.

Grant Schissler (Statistics PhD program), Mallorie Fiero (Biostatistics PhD program) and Kevin Doubleday (Biostatistics MS program), with supervision from Melanie Bell (Associate Professor, College of Public Health), and Joseph Watkins (Professor, Mathematics), received the American Statistical Association Award for Outreach in recognition of their efforts to bring statistics to K-12 in Tucson. Their grant, "Incorporating quantitatively-talented and underrepresented high school students in Arizona into the biostatistics community," will aim to increase awareness of careers in biostatistics and promote a college education in biostatistics among underrepresented high school students in Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics classes in Southern Arizona. Link to the story from the American Statistical Association.


Statistics Program Events

Statistics Colloquia: The Statistics Program sponsors a Statistics colloquium every month, featuring leaders in statistical advancement from both the University of Arizona and various other institutions. Topics range widely, and colloquia are open to the public - All are welcome! Attendees have the opportunity to meet with guest speakers after the event. Fall 2017 colloquia wiill take place on Mondays at 3pm in Math 501. Refreshments are provided. For more information, see the site page


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